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"Kiko" screens in Los Angeles!

Almost 3 years ago I auditioned for (writer/director) Felix Martiz, although I did not book that particular project, he told me he enjoyed my audition and would keep me in mind for "future projects." YEEEA ok, buddy. Every actor in LA has heard THAT before. Wellllll, a year later he kept his word and emailed me about a film he wanted to cast me for. After reading the script, without knowing which role, I ACCEPTED! I saw the importance of this story. It is surreal to look back (almost 2 years ago) up to now and see JUST how important and timely this film is. Here we are...I finally get to meet "the baby!"As any actor will tell you - I am excited, yet nervous.

"Kiko" is a very important, and timely, film I am so proud to be a part of. It has debuted, and won many awards, at several film festivals across the US, including New York, Atlanta and Chicago. Tonight it comes home. We are being screened at the Mexican consulate!Blessed so, many more amazing opportunities, and positive actions, will come of this project.

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